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The BMW N55 is a turbocharged in- line six-cylinder DOHC engine in four-valve technology from BMW . It was introduced at the end of 2009 in the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo (535i GT) and is BMW's first twin-scroll turbocharged engine. In Today's Episode, we install the N54 into the freshly painted engine bay, so we must be extra careful not to mess anything up in there! We install steering. 5 Common Problems With N54 Engine: Any problem in general associated with the N54 engine has extensive and proactive forums that will give you a host of information if the problem you have isn’t specified below. If you’re still struggling, use our Q/A where our community members will be more than willing to help. The N54 engine was offered in a wide array of power options and was thus offered in different BMW Series vehicles. The E9x series, including the BMW 335i, had the 311 bhp variant for the model years 2006 to 2010. Major Problems In The N54. A major problem observed in the N54 especially in the North American market included the failure of the. The smallest (15T) of the N54 turbo upgrade is rated at maximum 720 engine HP and the largest turbo upgrade (19T) is rated at 830 engine HP with the right supporting modifications. TR provides the best value for your BMW N54 turbo upgrade! Each of the turbos features a TD04 stainless steel exhaust housing with an 11-blade turbine wheel and 6+6. E90 335i N54 Project Car. Here it is - our first in-house N54 project car. It's about time we dove into the crowded N54 tuning market and see what the N54 is all about. We are not newbs in turbo performance and technology - we have more experience with the N20 turbo 328i than any other race team and we now run an M4 GT4 S55 turbo in IMSA racing. Mine was bought at 80k miles, have 89k now. Things replaced: HPFP: Under warranty Both turbos: Under Warranty Water Pump: Done by previous owner, $900 Oil Filter Housing Gasket (leaks anywhere from 50-120k miles): $400 Injectors In bank 1: $1,000. Other than that, just spark plugs, ignition coils, and a walnut blast. Message us for a shipping quote. View. $3,000.00. 2007-2010 E90 N54 BMW 335i RWD Complete Engine Assembly WITH TURBOS! ONLY 114K! Good used 2008 BMW 335i RWD 3.0L TWIN TURBO engine assembly. Vehicle only had 114,183 miles. Local pickup only! BMW 335i 2007-2008 (3.0L, twin turbo, gasoline), RWD.

. The 8 Most Common BMW N54 Engine Problems - 135i, 335i, 535i The BMW N54 is a twin-turbocharged straight-six petrol engine that was produced from 2006 to 2016. It is BMW's first mass-produced turbocharged petrol engine and BMW's first turbocharged petrol engine. Access Free Bmw N54 Engine models, then with other BMW series as well. BMW N54 - BMW Tech BMW N54 engine reliability, problems and repair Powerful straight-6 twin-turbocharged N54 (N54B30) was developed by Alpina in 2006 for fast BMW autos and crossovers. The motor is based on aluminum block of cylinders which is equal to M54B30 with cast iron. We’re going to explore some common problems with specific 135i parts, ownership costs, and popular 135i modifications here so you can decide whether the platform is right for your next build. The BMW 135i equipped with the N54 twin-turbo straight-six, which ran from 2008 to 2010 in the North American market, offers roughly 300HP and 300lb-ft of torque to drivers. Look into common N54 issues, there are a lot of posts covering them. Here is a link that does a good job going over the majority of the primary issues: The 8 Most Common BMW N54 Engine Problems - 135i, 335i, 535i Oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, leaking injectors (or non-index 12 injectors) and wastegate issues would be the main things I would look at when buying an N54 car. One of the most common issues with the N54 is the failure of the high-pressure fuel pump. The HPFP is responsible for injecting fuel into the engine, and it's been reported to fail by multiple owners. BMW noticed that this was a repeating occurrence and added a 10-year/120,000-mile warranty on the part. The N54 PCV is actually two separate systems with unique faults and deficiencies. There is a low-pressure system, aka low side, that works under vacuum or low pressure conditions (idling, light acceleration, off the throttle, etc). And there is a high-pressure system, aka high side, that works when under boost or load.. This video show how to check to see if you have the turbo rattle that is covered under an extended warranty for 8 years 80,000 miles on many BMW's with the N.

N54 swaps now possible :) Just tested an EWS4 delete for MSD80 (MSV80 and MSD81 would work too). Kassel Performance has an E91 with an N54 swap that was the test mule - random Ebay DME, no coding, just an OBD flash, and it started right up. :) Last edited by nando; 12-05-2018, 10:10 AM. Oct 13, 2010 · The lawsuit, No. CV10-2257 SI filed in the Northern District of California, seeks to compel BMW to initiate a recall in order to replace all of the high pressure fuel pumps (HPFP) in the affected .... That's not a common problem on the N54. Was the oil low and/or dirty? A spun bearing is normally caused by running your engine while there's very little oil in it. It can also be caused by an oil delivery problem (dirty sludged up oil), adding oil additives that gunk up the oil which results in blockd oil pathways, or the oil pump crapped out. Moreover, our method is where we also face the problem of an oval port needing to transition smoothly to a round tube. The stubs process, in short, ... exclusively for right-hand drive cars (RHD). The Walton Motorsport kit will unleash the true power of the BMW N54 engine. There’s no shortage of BMW N54 exhaust manifolds available. Apr 8, 2020. The BMW N53 (naturally aspirated) and N54 (turbocharged) engines were among the first BMW engines to come with variable valve timing on the intake and exhaust camshafts. The N53 and N54 straight-six has unfairly earned a bad reputation for reliability with technicians due to timing chain and variable valve timing problems. BMW attempted to fix the problem by adding a small oil cooler to later N54/N55 models – but this still isn’t enough. This is why if you do any of spirited driving at all or just want to extend the life of your motor, you should install an oil cooler large enough to sufficiently cool the oil, keeping your engine running cool and happy. Ultimately, 200,000+ miles isn't a problem for the N54 itself. How long the N54 lasts is largely dependent on how much you're willing to spend, though. Here's a quick list of common issues, typical mileage at failure, and their costs: Water pump - $400-1,000 (50k to 100k miles) VCG - $30-1,000 (60k to 100k miles) OFHG - $30-500 (80k to 120k miles). Quote Reply Topic: N54 Starting problems Posted: 26 Aug 2010 at 8:45pm: Hi all I have an 135 with the N54 engine. Sometimes when I start the car it will turn over for upto 5 seconds before firing! ( and getting worse ) I booked it into the local dealer to see if they could find a fault but no fault was found.

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